Krystoff Carvonis, Founder/CEO

image1Krystoff Carvonis was born and raised in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. Starting at the young age of 5, he entered the equestrian sport in the show jumping division. Eager to represent his country internationally, he started traveling throughout Western Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. With Haiti experiencing an uneasy political climate, it was difficult for Krystoff to strive in the sport, so at the age of 15, Krystoff and his family decided to move to the United States to pursue his dream. The move necessitated a significant adjustment for Krystoff from his French educational background; however, his aptitude for language and hunger for success facilitated a smooth transition.

Now fluent in 5 languages (French, English, Kreyol, Spanish, and conversational German), Krystoff graduated from high school in South Florida. He continued on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Marketing from Florida International University. After working briefly for a mobile banking company, Krystoff made the decision that he never again wanted to be just another number in the corporate world. He decided to enroll in a rigorous management training program to develop the necessary skill sets to become a successful entrepreneur. Equipped with a strong business foundation, Krystoff opened his first company, The Carvonis Group, representing one of the largest mobility companies in the nation. He is passionate about seeing his team develop and working in a ‘people helping people’ business.

In his spare time, Krystoff enjoys traveling, visiting his family and friends in Haiti, playing sports, as well as spending time on the beach. He also loves trying new restaurants and exploring different cultures. Passionate and competitive to the core, Krystoff strives to expand The Carvonis Group to all 50 states. He plans to come full circle to accomplish his late father’s dream of him participating in the Olympic Games for Haiti. Your dream is my goal.

Maria Paula Diaz, HR Manager

Maria Paula Diaz received her undergraduate degree in psychology from Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, in Colombia. Shortly after, Maria went on to also receive her Masters in Human Resources Management at the University of Barcelona, Spain. Before Maria joined The Carvonis Team, she had previous experience in Human Resources in different industries such as an insurance and manufacturing. Maria knew she was looking to stay in an HR role but she desired more personal growth and to further her career in the field. She was excited to join our team knowing that it offered a challenging environment for her to professionally grow and advance in her position.

When we met Maria, she told us she was looking to expand her professional knowledge, training, and strengthen professional relationships. “I like working with driven people who visibly enjoy what they’re doing. This gives me the ‘changing the world’ feeling.’ It’s also a company with a bright future and with great opportunities for growth,” she stated. Maria’s determination and visions for our company will help continue creating a positive work environment and help our company grow to our fullest strengths and abilities. Outside of work Maria has many interest and hobbies. Some of her favorite activities include, cycling, reading & writing, and going to the beach on her days off.

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